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The following videos have been encoded using DivX compression software to conserve bandwidth and reduce download times.  If the videos do not play properly in Windows Media Player, you may need to download the Codec Pack located here.  The download is safe and won't harm your computer.

Alternately, all of my videos are available on Google Videos or YouTube.

All videos are copyrighted original works by me unless noted otherwise. 

-A decently quick 9:03 Nürburgring lap in the S4 (51.0 MB)

-Nürburgring warmup lap following a friend in a highly tuned Porsche GT3-RS (62.1 MB)

-Nürburgring lap in the S4 during a SEVERE thunderstorm (64.2 MB)

-Compilation from exotic car track meet at Most Autodrom
in the Czech Republic including full lap in car (27 MB)

-A 9:38 Nürburgring lap in my BMW 535i (with G data  37.4 MB)                     

-Autocrossing my S4 (20 MB)                                                                      

-My friend crashing his Peugeot 306 S16 on the Nürburgring (22 MB)              

-European Drift Competition at the Nürburgring (90 MB)                                  

-One lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in my 2005 VW Golf V TDI (72 MB)

-Footage from 4 hour Endurance race at Nürburgring (27 MB)                          

-177 mph (286 km/h) GPS confirmed highway run (17.0 MB)

-S4 vs Tuned Lamborghini Gallardo on the highway (10.6 MB)

-180+ mph (300 km/h) Top Speed Run in the S4 (69.9 MB)

-Short version of above 180+ mph (300 km/h) video (6.3 MB)

-30 to 180 mph (290 km/h) Night Video (3.6 MB)

-120 to 160 mph 6th Gear Audi S4 Roll-on (1.9 MB)

-My S4 killing a Porsche 996 911 Turbo and Mr. Piggie's 12 second S4 (8.5 MB)

-A1 Autobahn fun in the S4...165 mph (30 MB)

-Late night driving and more Autobahn fun...160 mph (27 MB and poor quality) 

"Jeeps Love Snow" (28.8 MB).  Right-click Save as 

-Power-on oversteer in the S4 (5.1 MB)  

-Audi S4 video compilation made by mboxS4 (my car featured in many clips 28.5 MB) 

-ASP Tru-Dual Exhaust Video with sounds (11 MB)                                       

0-110 mph run from inside the car (4.5 MB)                                                    

-4 wheel burnout launch in parking garage (1.0 MB)

-4 wheel burnout launch from outside car (2.7 MB)                                          

0-80 run with 3000 rpm launch (1.7 MB)                                                         

0-65 run with 2500 rpm launch (1.3 MB)

-360° Exterior Video (3.0 MB)

-Interior Video (3.2 MB)

-Engine Video (1.9 MB)

-Jeep Cherokee XJ Pavement Doughnuts (3.0 MB)                                          

-Jeep Cherokee XJ Short Climb 1 (0.7 MB) 

-Jeep Cherokee XJ Short Climb 2 (0.3 MB) 

-Jeep Wrangler YJ Short Climb 1 (0.5 MB) 

-Jeep Wrangler YJ Short Climb 2 (0.5 MB)

-Jeep Cherokee XJ Brakestand (0.5 MB)

-Jeep Cherokee XJ Doughnuts (1.2 MB)

-Jeep Cherokee XJ Spins Tires to 110 mph (1.0 MB)

-Honda S2000 Doughnuts and Acceleration  (3.86 MB)                                  

-Porsche Cayman S Top Speed (170 mph/275 km/h)  (23.1 MB)

-Porsche Cayman S Parking Lot Drifting (9.5 MB)

-Porsche Cayman S Revving (2.9 MB)