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This was my first Audi owned from March of 2002 until June of 2003.  I really enjoyed driving this car.  It proved to be practical, fun, and very reliable.  The only money I spent on the A4 was for basic maintenance and upgrades.  During the 1.5 years of ownership, I racked up over 20,000 miles of driving. 

Because I was in college while driving the A4, the modifications were kept to a minimum due to budget constraints.  Shortly after buying the car, I added a Greedspeed 1.0 bar VBL ECU.  Later, I added a Neuspeed cat-back exhaust.  With a Stage II level of modification, the A4 performed fairly well.  0-60 acceleration improved to the high 6/low 7 second range.  I would estimate the quarter mile time to be 15.0 seconds at 92 mph.  With enough highway, I flirted with 145 mph on flat ground and even reached 150 mph on some downhill stretches (see above).  With the extra horsepower, the car was very under-geared and could really have used a 6th cog.

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